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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friendly Neighbor


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your continuing support.
      I really, really appreciate it!

  2. TERRIFIC! great well told storuy & super use ofpic. Poor kid Ut atleast he's rich & is beautiful. Not a nice woman. I wonder if his parents notice anything?

    1. Well, by now you know that I leave the endings of most of my captions a bit open, but in this case, everything worked out fine for Ms.Peterson. All she had to do, when she fell out of character, was, blaming a late burst of puberty. And so she managed to come through.

      Thanks again for your comments. You are, by far, THE most important part, which keeps me going on. If you want it, or not, but you are part of the force, that keeps me going on.

      Thanks again, eotton, I owe you,

  3. Well thank you. I do enjoy your stories

  4. Really loved this one! Love the ones where the newly turned male runs off and keeps their body

  5. Is it too late for a sequel to this?