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Friday, February 27, 2015

I Guess We're Saved!

Great news, people!

According to an article on THE VERGE ( and the therein mentioned post on the company's product forum (!category-topic/blogger/jAep2mLabQY), which came to my knowledge thanks to an anonymous commenter, it seems that our blogs are going to stay just the way they are!

I was almost ready to post the news that my plans to stay here were doomed, because BlogSpot (or Blogger) only allows 100 invitated readers (an info I didn't find in any official FAQ). So I've spent the last few hours trying to get a blog on tumblr to look and feel almost the same as here. Because I've always liked it here!

But apparently all of us captioneers at BlogSpot (or Blogger, or whatever it is called) can relax, chill down, and get back to our regular work of creating TG captions for everyone who likes to see them - without changing habits, URLs, profiles, blogs,....

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  1. won't last, what google wants google gets. so one way or another in 3 months or a year we will be back here. and that is the way it will be. best to kick them to the curb now JMHO.

    1. Even if they do the same move again we're still on thier asses they will not take the caption community down

  2. You made my day with the notice!!!! thanks to all the captioneers, including you crestf (obviously xD ), all of your work is great !! (sorry my bad english :P )