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Monday, February 1, 2021

Same Taste


  1. Yeah, time to embrace what god.. I mean your witch girlfriend gave you! Come on, have you looked in the mirror! Its not bad at all!

  2. Nice spin on the "getting use to being female" trope. I can see a sequel or maybe a few with Joe experimenting a little after he wakes up with Eric again who has decided to try a relationship with Margo/Joe instead of a one night stand. Joe wakes up and Eric explains he and Margo want to date and if Eric is okay with it, they can sort of kind of have a threesome. Maybe after some time, Eric and Margo become co inhabitants with each taking charge when that personality fits in better with Eric. Margo dresses them up and Joe takes over when Eric takes them to a football game. Then Margo wakes up for their first make out session, but only to 2nd base since Joe is still nervous. One day Joe finds himself in charge completely, Margo is gone and his ex tells the new girl she is on her own, Margo is gone for good. Neither Eric nor Joe are happy. Joe never learned to get dressed or do makeup. Eric loved Margo for her girlish ways but Joe is his best friend. Joe has been there for the sex at times however and has come to really accept his new reality... Wow, this is longer than I intended to make it.

    1. Wow! You really put very much thought into it, Bashful. I'm loving it :-)

      It's always super exciting for me to see, when you guys not only comment on my caps, but when you are continuing the stories. It's fun to read, how you imagine the stories to go on. That's probably the main reason I like to use open endings so much ;-)

      And thanks for these ideas, Bashful! I can't promise anything, but....I'm gonna keep them in mind for possible future sequels!