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Friday, February 26, 2021

Don't Get Hurt


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    1. That's Jane Levy. Well-known for her role as Tessa in the TV show 'Suburgatory'.

  3. Talk about plans that backfire. lol

  4. When I read the caption, I felt so bad for the son. This beautiful girl he’s falling for just disappears. Then I read the ending: “And Mike...could feel his pain.” For a second, I thought Mike was UNDERSTANDING what his son might be feeling. Then, a second later, I realized that he was FEELING exactly what his son was feeling.

    Don’t hurt my heart like that!

    This needs a sequel so they get their happy ending! Will Mike use the potion to cheat on Linda? Will Mike and Linda get divorced so that Mike can finally have his true love? Will the son find out who his beautiful girl is actually his father transformed? Will the son realize that his father becoming a girl permanently ISN’T a sacrifice because it’s all for their love? And that Mike is happy that the original plan “was thwarted by life” because it was the start of their great love story? 9My tummy knotted up a bit writing this.)

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