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Friday, May 19, 2017


Hi guys,

first of all, thank you for your kind words. I really, really appreciate them.
And I want to tell you, that I'm doing fine. This break was much needed, mostly to free myself from the self-imposed pressure of posting a cap every day at the same time.

But I just love creating these captions too much to just quit. And these past few days and the fact, that I managed to lift this pressure, got my energy and creativity flowing again. Resulting in the three captions I'm going to post right away :-)

This doesn't mean, that I'm fully back. But it means, that I'm going to post one or more captions every now and then. So make sure to check in from time to time.

Once again I want to thank you all for your support and I hope you like the captions I'll be coming up with.

Best wishes,


  1. Glad you got some much needed rest!

  2. WOOOOO!!! You're feeling better. Even a slight hiatus to relax can do wonders.
    I was concerned that I wouldn't get anymore of your awesome caps. Good to know you're feeling better. Rest all you need.

  3. Awesome, my dude! Resting is key. Captions are awesome, but we always understand that real life and mental health always have to come first. Always great to hear from you and see your work!