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Monday, November 17, 2014

Celebration Week

Ladies and Gentlemen,

it's finally time to start the Celebration Week. It took just a few weeks, and now, over 500.000 views later (thanks again to all of you), I've finally finished all the captions you decided to see.
So, in the coming 7 days I'm going to post 2-3 extra captions based on the poll results. Some of them were very easy to do, others were a bit harder to come up with.

Anyways, I hope that you enjoy all of them.

Best wishes,


  1. Congrats on the views, and it is us that should be thanking you!

    1. Hi Yip Yap,
      I would be lying if I'd say that I don't look at the views or the comments. But, first and foremost, I do this because I like doing it. And as long as there is at least one view a day, I'm going to keep it up, because I really love creating these kind of captions.

      Thanks for the congratulations and for your comments,